Building JPam from Source

Building from source

To build JPam from source:

  1. Check the source out from the subversion repository.
  2. As root, install the pam-devel-0.77-66.2 package or similar is installed (Linux systems only)
  3. Create the following users on your machine:
    • user test password test01
    • user test2 password test02
  4. As root, copy src/config/architecture/net-sf-jpam* to /etc/pam.d
  5. Copy src/config/architecture/.java.login.config to your home directory
  6. Ensure you have a valid JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME configured with binaries in your PATH
  7. From within the pam directory, type ant

RPM packaging (Optional)

The source download and the CVS source contain a src/rpm directory containg an RPM spec file created in collaboration with developers at Red Hat. You can use this spec.file to build an rpm installable package for your architecture.

Building the Site

(These instructions are for project maintainers)

You need the following unix utilities installed:

  • latex or tetex
  • ghostscript
  • pdftk
  • aptconvert
  • netpbm

    You also need a yDoc license.

    With all that, build the site as below:

        mvn site:site