Java Requirements, Dependencies and Maven POM snippet

Java Requirements

JPam supports 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 at runtime. JPam final releases are compiled with -target 1.4. This produces Java class data, version 48.0.

JPam does not work with JDK1.2 or JDK1.1. JAAS is not available for these JDKs. Moreover, JNI used a different interface prior to JDK1.2.

IBM JVM is known to work although it places its native libraries in a different place. Add (or wherever the IBM JVM is installed ) to your Java command line.

Mandatory Java Dependencies

JPam requires commons-logging commons-logging is a very common dependency, and is therefore not included in the distribution.

Jpam also requires JAAS. Originally introduced as an optional package (JAAS 1.0) to version 1.3 of the Java 2 SDK, JAAS has now been integrated into the Java 2 SDK, version 1.4.

Operating System Dependencies

It has been reported that JPam relies on the presence of pam-devel-0.77-66.2 or similar RPMs.

Maven pom.xml snippet

JPam releases are placed in the central Maven repository.

The Maven snippet for JPam 1.0 is: